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Making the most of your wealth

Becoming a client with ClearWise Investment will mean unlimited access to a team of professionals, all of whom are dedicated to managing the client assets as advantageously as possible.

Become Our Client

Our bespoke service begins with a member of our team getting to know a potential client's unique financial needs. We will then clearly and thoroughly explain each of our services as well as outlining potential risks and benefits. A written proposal will always be provided before any work is undertaken on the client's behalf.

Account application process

To become our client, follow the account application process below;

  • Download the ClearWise Investment Client Account Application Forms  by clicking here .
  • Complete the application making sure that the sections marked as 'required' are fully complete.
  • Sign and date the completed application.
  • Provide ONE identification document from the list below to comply with Know Your Client regulations;
    • Passport or: 
    • Driving License or: 
    • National Identity Card.
  • Return the completed application to the Accounts Department at ClearWise Investment;

Should you face any difficulties with the account application process or have any further questions, please contact your adviser direct for assistance.


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