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Portfolio management services

The ClearWise Investment discretionary portfolio service provides clients with the facility to hand over the responsibilities involved in the day-to-day management of their investments. Essentially we become a custodian of wealth in pursuit of client specific objectives and their expectations of us.

Irrespective of market conditions, in pursuit of absolute returns on investment, we provide clients with comfort in the knowledge that their assets remain positioned to capitalize on inefficiencies created by market movements.

Absolute returns on investment

In line with client investment profiles we implement a comprehensive and proactive portfolio management strategy under the strict consideration of client investment preferences.

We take time to identify the personal demands unique to each client under our care as we seek to deliver risk-adjusted returns on an absolute basis.

This approach to our discretionary service projects a level of expectation that serves as a benchmark towards sustaining client satisfaction.

Identifying objectives

Working closely with each client under our care we seek to identify a series of investment objectives in line an appropriate tolerance towards risk. Individual investment preferences and lifestyle goals form the basis by which our portfolio strategies are developed and how our investment decisions are made.

Whilst the ClearWise Investment discretionary portfolio services are intended to relieve client of the burdens associated to effective asset management, we conduct periodic reviews of client circumstances and make strategic alternations to the balance of assets where proven necessary.

Discretionary Portfolio Services

Direct access to our expertise

As a ClearWise Investment client, unrestricted and direct access to a dedicated team of investment specialists provides clients with the ability to discuss investment performance, to gain an understanding of market conditions and to clarify and thoughts or questions that may be relative to their investments.

With direct and unrestricted access to to our dedicated team, clients have the ability to communicate on a personal level for complete transparency and peace of mind. We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining strong, personal relationships with clients and we believe that a drop-in anytime time policy works perfectly for both our clients and our investment team.

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At ClearWise Investment we know there's no such thing as a "normal life". That is why our expert investment management services are tailored to fit the unique needs of our clients.

Whatever a client may be looking for, be that an investment opportunity as an individual, a trustee or as a global charity, we provide a bespoke experience that is suited to the client's individual preferences.

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