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Custom investment services

As an independent provider of custom investment services, responsible only to the wellbeing of our clients, ClearWise Investment's impartial approach is driven by a philosophy that is focused on the realization of client specific goals. We leverage upon contemporary global market research in order to seek out the best investment options for our clients; be that for growth or for the preservation of wealth.

We present clients with a series of relevant investment mandates, creating a vision of the future as investments mature and life events are fulfilled. We believe that this approach provides clients with comfort in the knowledge that their assets are working towards a more prosperous, sustainable future.

By maintaining flexibility as a key component of our philosophy we are better positioned to capitalize on attractive opportunities as they emerge, and we are suitably protected to defend against threats before their effects materlalize.

Flexible investment process

As a ClearWise Investment client we provide unrestricted and direct access to a dedicated team of investment management professionals who work tirelessly to go above and beyond for each client under their care.

Our dedicated research personnel conduct in-depth analysis to create an investment process that remains flexible to the movements of the ever-changing economic landscape.

Unbiased and independent

Our independent status is our advantage. As a independently owned company we are not tied to a larger institution, nor are our services restricted by the constrains often associated with corporate level strategies.

Leveraging upon this advantage, we are able to offer clients with a targeted investment service that is absolutely applicable to their unique set of circumstances.

Through the development of close relationships, ClearWise Investment's wealth advisers deliver flexible investment and financial planning solutions that seek to meet the day-to-day financial requirements and longer-term aspirations of each client under our care. Our research efforts explore markets, asset classes and individual companies to give clients as many unique options as possible.

We believe that this bespoke approach to managing the wealth of our dynamic investors creates a higher level of client satisfaction that is seemingly unattainable with the larger financial investment houses and institutions.

Investment Excellence

The investment strategy adopted by our accomplished team is both responsible and dynamic in that it enhances the investment returns of our clients whilst preserving principle value. This is achieved by ensuring that we stay ahead of the game in terms of economic and political change.

Investment Approach

Our Investment Approach

Tailor-made investment strategies geared towards sustaining investment performance to meet client demands.
Our Investment Approach

Asset Allocation Policy

Asset Allocation Policy

Allocating assets as part of a diversified portfolio to optimize balance and maximize returns in line with risk assumed.
Asset Allocation Policy

Global Perspective

Global Perspective

Providing clients with cross-border access to financial solutions that are simply unattainable in the majority of the Western world.
Global Perspective

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