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Trust & estate planning

Prepare for a legacy of worth

Facilitating the efficient transfer of wealth, trust incorporation and management, estate preparation, and comprehensive fiduciary services are at the heart of ClearWise Investment's trust and estate planning capabilities.

Establish a succession plan

Perhaps the most satisfying component of the wealth management process is the ability to leave a telling legacy for loved ones or to maintain the philanthropic foundations.

Financial complexities become ever more intricate as responsibilities increase through the accumulation of significant wealth. ClearWise Investment's global network of estate planning specialists provides clients with access to a range of estate and trust services presenting a host of benefits to suit the unique requirements of individual structures.

Addressing the demands and day-to-day concerns of our dynamic client base, our trust and estate planning services are designed to innovate around the complications and emotions often associated when making decisions of lasting consequence;

  •  Trust incorporation and administration
  •  Philanthropic distribution and strategies
  •  Execution of estate and administration
  •  Business succession planning
  •  Requirements of circumstance

Wealth transfer planning

Utlizing a network of legal and tax specialists across a number of key performing jurisdictions, our professionals work in concert with third party advisers that are often part of a client's existing wealth structure. Our approach to the efficient transfer of wealth helps to deliver upon a number of client specific objectives;

  •  Wealth preservation - Preserving the value of accumulated wealth during the phases of wealth distribution and charitable giving.
  •  Transfer of assets – Detailing benefactor wishes and acting on them according to a specified execution schedule.
  •  Family office management – Continuous management of assets in accordance with beneficiary needs as part of an ongoing trust management service.

Fiduciary responsibilities

Working with high-net worth individuals, their families and institutions, ClearWise Investment provides a number of compelling advantages through its fiduciary responsibilities;

  •  Experience – Specialists in tax issues across a number of key jurisdictions and legal expertise for administration and discretion purposes.
  •  Alternative asset advisory – Meeting institutional level demands of dynamic investors with exposure to, and management of financial and non-financial assets such as real estate, commodities, art and privately held securities.
  •  Flexible suite of services – Acting on behalf of clients on a sole trustee or executor capacity, administrative executor for the distribution of assets, or as part of an existing collaboration of lawyers and advisors to collectively oversee the management of assets.

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At ClearWise Investment we know there's no such thing as a "normal life". That is why our expert investment management services are tailored to fit the unique needs of our clients.

Whatever a client may be looking for, be that an investment opportunity as an individual, a trustee or as a global charity, we provide a bespoke experience that is suited to the client's individual preferences.

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